3 Easy Stress Busting Tips

Stress creeps into the lives of even the most relaxed people around, so the ever helpful iHound has found a few techniques to help you keep stress under control. While some of you practice your yoga breathing and others turn up the music, the iHound will make sure you have one less thing to worry about by taking care of your life insurance needs. He’ll find a few quotes for you to compare and you don’t even have to pay him, because money doesn’t make a very good chew toy. Find some stress busting tips here

Get some Air
Of course you breathe every day, all day, but did you know correct breathing can help beat stress? Don’t pant like the iHound on a hot day, bring your breath all the way into your belly and you’ll soon feel more relaxed. According to a popular yoga publication, a simple exercise to try is to put a hand on your chest and your abdomen, then inhale and exhale through your nose. You’ll feel your breath naturally deepen and slow, and shouting at that taxi driver for cutting you off might not seem so important after all.

Slow down the Music
Studies have been conducted which prove that music can reduce stress levels. Slow musical beats actually alter the speed of our brainwaves, putting us in a more meditative state. Music can even increase your pain threshold when it comes to medical procedures. Research has shown that listening to slow music can reduce pain from headaches, lower your blood pressure and ease the severity of PMS.

Make Room for Murphy’s Law
If you leave that assignment until the night before it’s due, something will happen that night to keep you from completing it. That one day you forget to take a plastic bag with when you walk your dog, is the day he’ll make a big mess on the pavement. Murphy’s Law is inevitable, so just plan for it. Nobody plans on dying unexpectedly, yet it happens every day. That’s why life insurance is so important because without it, Murphy’s Law could leave your family destitute. Let the iHound help you get a step ahead– ask for quotes today.

So much of our stress is related to travelling – whether it’s a bumper bash in traffic or coming out of a store to find your car isn’t there anymore. These situations are a lot less stressful when you’ve got car insurance to take care of the costs. Get car cover quotes from the iHound and have one less thing to stress about.