Is life insurance a waste of money?

“l can’t waste my money on life Insurance!” How often do we hear this from people who despise life insurance?

Well, the reality about life insurance is that, it is all you need to prepare for the unknown future. Although life insurance does not necessarily need to be a part of your estate plan, it can be useful especially if you are a parent of young children. Just like any other insurance, it gives you a peace of mind knowing that when you die your loved ones are protected.

To determine whether it’s necessary for you to purchase insurance, consider the following questions.
  • How many people depend on your salary? If your answer is none, well, maybe you don’t need life insurance.
  • How long will it take your dependents to start fending for themselves?
  • How much money will your dependents need to enjoy their current lifestyle?
  • If you die tomorrow, how long will it take before your property is handed over to your inheritors?
  • Will there be any assets available to take care of your family’s immediate financial needs?
  • How will your death affect the lives of your dependents?
Act today!
Still not yet convinced? Think of it this way. If you are to die tomorrow, what will happen to the lives of your dependents? Will your death have a negative impact on them? If your answer is “Yes”, then you definitely need to consider getting life insurance to protect them. Remember, when it comes to life insurance, the older you get, the more expensive it becomes. Act today before it’s too late!

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