Ebola – how worried should we be?

Modern medicine has given us surety that there are some diseases that have been eradicated from the world's population. However, a recent outbreak of the Ebola virus in the northern parts of Africa has caused some widespread panic. Even though South Africa has not been identified as a risk area, do you have the right medical cover to protect you from highly infectious diseases?

Ebola is a deadly disease that has currently no cure or vaccine. An outbreak of the disease was reported in Guinea and Liberia this year with only one in ten survival rate from the 88 reported people infected with the disease. According to news reports the danger comes from the fact that the only way to treat the disease is to gather the infected victims for quarantine and it may be hard to isolate the virus in totality. World health organisations such as the Doctors without Borders have set up may quarantine camps in Guinea and have made large attempts at education a very frightened public about the disease

Are you comfortable with your medical plan?

Government hospitals are struggling to keep their facilities running efficiently and it makes one wonder what it would be like if the country would be hit by a highly infectious disease like Ebola. Deadly diseases such as Ebola require very specialized health care and you should have the peace of mind knowing that your family can have access to premium health care against all instances. Whilst private health care in South Africa can be expensive (depending on your requirements) it is important to weigh up your options you don't have to pay thousands to get the health care and dignity you deserve.

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