Four Apps Every Driver Must Have

iHound has seen it all on the road – drivers dodging giant potholes with serious skill, shoppers wandering around parking lots trying to remember where they left their cars, and plenty of bumper bashes that could have been avoided. Being the tech savvy type, iHound found a few apps every driver needs to download to make driving more pleasant. Always helpful, he’ll also find you car insurance quotes that make your monthly premiums more pleasant.

Put Potholes in the Past
Don’t just complain, tell someone who can actually help. The JRA Find and Fix app lets you log problems on the road such as potholes and faulty traffic lights. Once you add an issue to the app, the Johannesburg Road Agency receives an update so they can fix issues on our roads more quickly than usual. This app is only available for Johannesburg drivers at the moment.

Avoid Accidents
The iOnRoad app uses your smartphone’s camera, sensors and GPS to warn drivers of oncoming collisions. If you approach any danger, such as getting too close to the car in front of you, the app will warn you with pop up messages. Be extra safe and mount your phone in your car before you download this one.

Dude, Where’s Your Car?
The Tracker SA app helps you locate your car, whether it’s in a busy parking lot or on the street. The app can tell you whether your car is moving or stopped, which road it is on and even how fast it is going. Driving in convoy? Before you hit the road, save the profile of whoever’s car you are following so you don’t panic when a taxi cuts off your view at the intersection. Since you’re sharing a road with all sorts of drivers, make sure you have car cover – ask iHound for quotes today.

Still texting and driving?
Despite how dangerous texting while driving is, a lot of South Africans still do this regularly. Stop yourself! The Text-Star app will help you. The app blocks texts that come to your phone while you’re driving, so you’re not tempted to have a peak until you’ve reached your destination.

When the damage is done
Even the best apps out there can’t guarantee that an accident won’t happen, and sometimes it’s unclear who was at fault. This is why legal cover is so important. Ask iHound to sniff around for legal insurance quotes to give you peace of mind.