Home Content Insurance For Peace of Mind

It is important to take precautions and have complete peace of mind by insuring the contents of your home. Whether you fall prey to the dreaded load-shedding that as South Africans we are privy to, or whether your electrical appliances and other items become damaged due to other circumstances – it is important to insure the contents of your house with home contents insurance.

Here are five commonly-asked questions about electrical appliances:
  • Is your generator covered by insurance if it is stolen from the outside of your property? Most insurers will want clarification that your house or outbuildings have been burgled prior to paying out for a claim for generators.
  • When it comes to burglar alarms – what exactly are your accountabilities? Your insurance service provider will want to know if your alarm battery was in good working order and whether your alarm system was serviced on a regular basis.
  • And if you alarm failed to go off when claiming from your insurance company…… it is often a prerequisite that your alarm is linked with a security company when you put in a claim for theft or a burglary. You need to enquire how this will affect any claims should your alarm not go off during load-shedding prior to any incidents.
  • When you claim for your electric geyser or other electrical appliances and want to replace these with solar or green appliances, you need to verify this with your insurance company if you want to replace these with solar-powered appliances.
  • Did you know that electric fences need to comply with Regulation 12 of the Electric Machinery Regulations of 2011 and that homeowners need to be in possession of these certificates when using these during claims?
How do you claim for generators - do these fall under the Homeowner’s Insurance section of your insurance schedule or do you claim for generators under the home contents section of your insurance?
  • Generators can be insured either under your building and house contents insurance.
  • It will fall under building cover if it is a fixture and it will fall under house contents if it is movable.
  • If it is movable it should usually be kept inside and therefore will be covered under your home content insurance.
  • If your generator is outside it can be carried away and under these circumstances it won’t be covered by your insurance service provider.
There is much more than contents alone to insurance in your home – when looking for house contents insurance take note that you need to read the fine print to ensure you are getting what you pay for.