Hospital plan or medical aid? iHound investigates

Some of us get the occasional sniffles once per year, while others make regular trips to the doctor and become familiar with the world of wards. Either way, the loyal iHound is there to make sure you’re covered. But is it a hospital plan or comprehensive medical aid that you need? iHound sniffed out a few differences to help you make the best decision.

What are you paying for?
If you’ve signed up for a hospital plan, you’re only paying for medical care in hospital. That doesn’t necessarily include any medication or treatment out of or after a stay in hospital.
A comprehensive medical aid will pay for your treatment both in and out of whether you’re staying the night or not. A number of chronic diseases and other conditions are also covered by medical aid.

What is covered?
According to an article on Health24 , if you take a hospital plan with a medical scheme company, you’re likely to be covered for various chronic conditions. If you are on a hospital plan from an insurance company however, these conditions may not be covered.
Medical aid covers a lot more chronic conditions, even though your premiums might be a bit higher.

What if you’re hospitalized?
If you’re hospitalized and you have a hospital plan, your cover during your stay may be limited and some costs may still come out of your pocket.
Should you be admitted and you’re on medical aid, you have unlimited cover during your stay.

What’s the best option?
The choice is all yours, but consider that medical aid often includes additional benefits such as maternity care, trips to the dentist and the optometrist, which hospital plans don’t include. Even if you hardly ever visit the doctor yourself, you’ll need to send your kids for regular checkups to ensure their teeth and eyes are taken care of. Ask iHound to sniff out a few quotes for you to compare and get the best medical care you can afford.

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