How full can a funeral get?

What would you do if 15 million people showed up for your loved one’s funeral? How do you even start catering for that number of guests? The Hound has been hard at work sniffing out the best cover for his clients and he came across some of the highest funeral attendances in history.

You never know how many people will arrive to pay their respects until the actual day, but if you have insurance, it won’t matter. Put the Hound back to work and ask him for funeral cover quotes you can compare.

Even though the service for Michael Jackson was a private affair, almost a million fans crowded outside the Staples Centre in Los Angeles to mourn. When Princess Diana was laid to rest in 1997, an estimated 3 million mourners were there to pay their respects. The highest recorded attendance, setting a Guinness world record, was for a politician known as C.N Annadurai. He died in 1969 in India and 15 million people attended. Considering that the average South African has 130 Facebook friends, millions are not expected up to turn up for a send-off, but it might feel that way for whoever is paying the bill.

Those directly affected by the death of a loved one should not have to worry about the costs in addition to the trauma of saying goodbye, and nobody should have to turn guests away because they can’t afford to host them. The Hound will make sure you’re covered if you ask – get comparative quotes and make the right decision for you and your family’s needs.

You can’t predict an accident or a sudden death, but you can prepare. The Hound can help you get a range of the best hospital insurance quotes so that no matter what happens, you’re covered.
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