Lessons from your first car

The Hound is all about seeing you through the most important stages of your life. Buying a new car is the first step to true independence. Here are five life lessons your first car will teach you and have you looking back with pride and joy!

•  Patience

Chances are, your new car is actually not so new and you constantly have to push it around or ask for jumper cables from your neighbour and the people in the office. As tough as this is, you do it every day because it's your first car and it gets you around in record time compared to using public transport. Patience will be your middle name because your car, which you've probably named, is yours for keeps and you both need it other to make it through a day!

•  Love

Like the love between mother and child, your car is your baby. You know exactly what she needs, the sounds she makes when she isn't doing well and you will do anything to make sure she's doing fine and running smooth again. You're inseparable and even though she doesn't look like the shiny new Polo Vivo your colleague just got, you're blessed to have her in your life.

•  Independence

With the wind in your hair and your favourite song playing on your way to your favourite restaurant, you now know the feeling of freedom and independence. Your first car, no matter the make, model, shape or size; you're finally in the driving seat of your life.

•  Passion

As you push your car up a steep hill on the way to an interview, huffing and puffing trying to make it to your appointment on time you are unstoppable. By now you've learnt that nothing in life comes easy. You're determined to make it work and you do it with a smile! Your first car is your biggest pride and joy because you're finally making decisions for yourself with nothing standing in your way – apart from a few services and tyre changes!

•  Safety as a priority

You know your car isn't the sharpest knife in the draw but you do value your safety and wellbeing on the road. For this reason you've landed on this page and decided to get affordable car insurance to make sure you are never caught in a situation.

Chances are you can barely afford all the costs that come with owning a car, that's why The Hound is here to make sure you are well within your budget and have reliable quotes to compare car insurance now.