Nine Tips To Lower Your Home Insurance Premiums

Because the easiest thing in the world is to underestimate the replacement value of the contents of your home, it is imperative that you check your contents insurance on a regular basis.

Getting to grips what you really need and what you don’t could save you a small fortune – cut the jargon and get down to what you really need when it comes to home contents insurance,

Here are nine handy tips to help you lower your home insurance premiums as soon as today:
  • Shop around for comprehensive insurance at lower costs; comparing quotes from a plethora of service providers using your favourite online comparison website is user-friendly and very easy to do.
  • By combining both your buildings cover and your home contents cover with the same insurance company will save on your home contents insurance - furthermore you will be able to negotiate a better price for your insurance.
  • By choosing a policy that is basic and not trimmed with all the bells and whistles you will be pleasantly surprised on how much you can save on your home contents policy.
  • Did you know that by adding accidental damage to your policy you will add a lot to the premiums – cut this section out and you will soon find that you can save as much as 25% on your premiums?
  • If you pay your premiums at the beginning of the year instead of monthly could save on admin fees.
  • Why don’t you volunteer to pay more on your excess? This is a good way to negotiate on your monthly premiums but remember that excesses can and will cost you dearly when claiming – but for the interim it could save you money on your premiums.
  • Security, security and security need we say more? The more state-of-the-art security you install into your home, the more favourably will this work for you regarding your house contents insurance. Install a burglar alarm, electric fencing, and security gates and have the alarm connected to a reputable security company. Premiums will be reduced by a large percentage when you can prove that you are up to speed as far as your security is concerned.
  • If you can, try not to claim for little things and instead keep your “no-claims” record pristine clean for those big things that happen in life.
  • Many companies offer no-claims bonuses – try to build this up so that you can use the money for something pleasurable such as a holiday.
These are nine handy tips that will help you to lower your home contents insurance premiums, but there are numerous others. It is time to think smart and out of the box to save on your bottom line.