Reasons to have Business cover

Running a business without adequate cover is just too risky. When you’ve worked so hard to be your own boss, you owe it yourself and your company to ensure you have business insurance. Here are a few reasons to consider:

Accidents Happen
A quick search on Youtube reveals the kind of accidents that can happen in warehouses when human beings are combined with heavy machinery. If your company relies on people in order to function, you’ll need to make provisions for human error. Ask iHound for quotes today.

Cover for Crime
Considering the crime rate in South Africa, how can you not insure the contents of your company? Even the most secure premises are at risk of being burgled, so give yourself one less thing to worry about and let iHound sniff out some options tailored to your needs.

Buildings aren’t Forever
If you own the property from which you operate, have you considered the consequences of a fire or flooding? Will you be able to replace everything you’ve worked so hard to attain without insurance to fall back on? Don’t assume you can, make sure you can and get comprehensive cover that you can afford.

Always on the go?
Is your company making deliveries in an uninsured vehicle? Make sure you’ve prepared for unexpected accidents with car insurance. Ask iHound to find you a few quotes and your wheels will be covered in no time.