Running a business is tough: business insurance is a priority!

Starting a new business can be tough, the Hound chatted to Maggie Shabangu about her dream business and the challenges she has faced with running the business smoothly.

What line of business are you in and why is business insurance so important for your business?

I am a poultry farmer. I grow chickens for a contractor. I have always had a passion for farming and chickens are a very profitable business, so I knew it was perfect for me.

Initially, it was hard to get funding and get the business off the ground and it is also very challenging to make sure the business is maintained. Any good business person will know the importance of business insurance and that there are a many things that take place which is out of our control, such as property and machinery damage, theft or injury to staff. In more than one instance my insurance helped me claim any damages caused to our machinery, which is vital to the running of my business.

The job of running a farm may be very rewarding, but it's also labour intensive and sometimes our staff gets injured on site. Having business insurance helps me keep sane in situations such as these. It takes full commitment and sometimes you will run at a loss but I am committed to the business and I know some months are better than others.

What is your advice for emerging business owners particularly in the farming industry?

Saving money would be the first thing because you cannot always be sure that you have money on hand when something happens to the business, get an accountant to file your taxes and lastly and most importantly, get business insurance. You cannot always be sure you can do it alone and having the right insurances offers you piece of mind. Your passion for the business should be coupled with the brains to keep your business afloat.

If you're like Maggie and you need to know that you'll be able to get cover in the event of theft, damage and injury that occurs in the business, the Hound is waiting to take the admin away and get you affordable business insurance quotes so you can worry about making money and less about the losses incurred from accidental occurrences within the business.

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