Three Real Reasons Why Home Contents Insurance Is a Need and Not a Want

House owner’s insurance is a prerequisite in obtaining a home loan- and home contents insurance in South Africa is an optional extra that many of us don’t feel the necessity for.

But the thing is this, when things go wrong and we don’t have the right kind of cover, we feel the pinch where it hurts most of all – and that is in our pockets.

Home contents insurance is a choice we make to cover our assets, even though for so many of us we consider this to be an unnecessary expense and for too many of us feel that this is a grudge purchase.

House contents insurance covers everything in your home that will fall out should the roof be removed and the house tipped upside down. Make today the best (and most secure day) for the rest of your life by taking action and finding out how much it would cost to insure all those bits and pieces that will add up should they no longer be part of your life due to unforeseen circumstances.

Here are three real reasons why home contents insurance is a need and not a want:
  • Weather Patterns: weather patterns are changing and therefore the world is experiencing some truly dramatic climatic conditions – dry areas are getting dryer every season and wet areas are experiencing some phenomenal and dramatic meteorological situations. It is therefore unsurprising that these extreme weather patterns are playing havoc on our homes and causing chaos in general. South Africans have experiences some of the most violent hail storms recently as well as the most excessive and ferocious deluges. Indeed, hail damage is covered by your house owner’s insurance but what about the contents inside your house should your roof cave in or should you experience extensive damage to expensive equipment, clothing, furniture or anything else that will cost an arm and a let to replace?
  • Theft and burglaries: home contents insurance needs to be taken at the replacement value and not the present value of the items insured. There are further instances where house holders insurance, otherwise known as house contents insurance, will play an integral role in South African households – take note that as jobs become scarce so crime escalates. If you fall prey to unscrupulous thieves, it would be comforting to know that your worldly goods are insured.
  • Load shedding: home contents insurance in South Africa plays a role when it comes to equipment and machinery being damaged during the numerous dips and surges, blackouts and brown outs that go hand-in-glove with load shedding that has become a part of our lives, although you will need to garner the right information from your insurance service provider regarding damage to sensitive household equipment.
Home contents insurance in South Africa is not only a need but a want.