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Legal insurance is a must as lawsuits are very expensive.

Top legal cover from only R180 per month.

Cover against civil, criminal and labour matters.

No excess payable when you claim.

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Why you need Legal Insurance

We know you’re an upright law abiding citizen but have you thought about the unlikely situation where you do need legal advice or aid (and as such, legal insurance) to get you out of an unexpected legal tiff? The law is a complicated thing and no one should be without trained professionals to make sure you are always treated fairly whether in the workplace, public space or your private life.

We at know the value of this and will help you find the best legal insurance quotes out there. You don’t need to be a billionaire to have the law fairly on your side if you are treated unfairly. You deserve 24 hour protection because you never know what the universe will throw your way and the least you can do is be ready to face it.

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  • Speak to a consultant face-to-face or telephonically.
  • Access to an emergency line for 24 hour legal assistance.
  • Free legal help when you need it.
  • Help on divorce matters, negligent driving claims and RAF matters.
  • Legal experts to represent you in court and to negotiate with third parties.

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