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The most important pointer to take into account when looking for a motor warranty is that not every motor warranty is created the same.

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Why you need a Motor Warranty

Customers need confidence in the cars they buy therefore it should not come as a surprise that over the course of time motor warranties have also improved and have also become part and parcel of the marketing tool in selling new and pre-owned motor vehicles.

In the 1980's Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth added a warranty to new motor vehicles with Hyundai coming up trumps with its better-improved quality warranty that offers patrons coverage of ten years and 161000 kms declaring that it offers the best motor warranty available.

But for those that don’t know what a motor warranty is here is the lowdown:

  • A motor warranty is insurance to guarantee that your vehicle is taken care of during the warranty period – because warranties vary, it is a good idea to read the insurance schedule carefully.
  • A warranty is often included in the purchase of a car when you buy it from an agent.
  • A warranty is not free and costs an added extra amount.
  • In today's modern world all cars carry some kind of warranty, but not all are the same.
  • Certain American and Japanese vehicles offer an extra motor warranty which covers the engine and transmission only, while most European luxury brands do not extend powertrain coverage beyond the basic warranty period.
  • Motor car warranties are available to new car owners as well as nearly new and pre-owned vehicles.
  • Extended motor warranties can be purchased or more cover can be negotiated.

In most instances a vehicle warranty only covers what is stipulated in the contract and no more than the basic cover.

The most common types of motor vehicle warranty include:

  • Bumper to bumper warranty that lasts for a number of years offered when purchasing a new vehicle – this continues either for a number of years or until a certain amount of kms have been reached.
  • This could be anything from five years onwards.

There are several types of the vehicle warranties. With new cars it’s quite common to get a bumper to bumper warranty that lasts for a certain period of years or until a certain amount of mileage is reached. This might be five years or 96600 kms.

Other time periods and km limits can be longer or shorter, though.

Taking out a motor warranty might seem like a waste of money at first but can save you literally thousands in car repairs in the long term – this is one type of cover every vehicle owner needs to consider taking out. Get your free insurance quotes with iHound today.

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