The real costs of a South African Funeral

iHound did some serious sniffing around to find out why it’s so important to have funeral cover – he spoke to Martin’s Funeral Home to find out what the costs involved in a funeral are. The amounts he came across made it clear that spending a small amount every month is better than being hit with a big bill when a family member passes on. Ask iHound to sniff out quotes for you right now and see below for the average costs of a typical South African funeral.

Coffins and Cremation Fees
If you decide to bury a loved one in a coffin, you’ll spend between R8800 and R23000. Cremation is a more affordable option, at about R2000 for cremation fees and between R400 and R3500 for the urn.

Burial Plots and Tombstones
The cost of a grave will depend on the area – a municipal area like Ekurhuleni in Johannesburg will charge R2070 but a rural area out of the city can cost around R300. If you want to be able to identify the grave with a tombstone, the prices start at R6000.

Flowers, Food and Programmes
It’s difficult to know how many people to cater for at a funeral, but Martins Funerals recommends setting aside around R30 per person for food. Not all churches charge a fee but when they do, it can be between R1000 and R1800 and sometimes includes food. You’ll also need to print out funeral programmes at around R12 each, and flowers for the coffin and the church can cost up to R1100.

Paying for affordable funeral cover is clearly the better option. Ask iHound to sniff out a few quotes for you to compare.

Hospital Bills are Pricey Too
Hospital cover prepares you for unexpected emergencies, just like funeral cover prepares you for the cost of a decent burial. You haven’t planned to be in hospital, but neither have most of the patients in there, so it’s best to plan for these costs with help from iHound. He’ll sniff out a few quotes for you today!